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Supporting companies

All-round support

Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) has built valuable and long-lasting partnerships with several support companies. These relationships help us to provide a better service to our clients and cover everything from anchor, chain and steel construction to engineering capabilities. Please find a list of our own Damen support companies below.

Our network, however, is not limited to Damen support companies; our DSC yards have maintained excellent relationships with suppliers and subcontractors throughout the years. Our partners help us to offer short lead times, quick response times and competitive pricing, and to keep our clients as unencumbered as possible.

Overview of supporting companies

  1. Damen Anchor and Chain Factory

    Damen Anchor & Chain Factory is a leading supplier of marine anchors, anchor chains and accessories. As well as dealing in anchors and chains, we also have the capability to make fully-certified, custom-built towing chains. Our advanced manufacturing facilities and skilled workforce enable us to carry out repairs and modifications efficiently and responsibly. Our facility is located on the premises of Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam. We continually strive to expand our ambitions and set ourselves new goals with the aim of finding new ways to serve our customers and support their business objectives.

    Damen Anchor and Chain Factory

  2. Niron Staal Amsterdam

    Niron Staal Amsterdam is a specialised steel construction and machining company. We are located in the harbour of Amsterdam. The combination of steel construction and machining capabilities allows us to operate on large scale (heavy construction work), small- scale (accurate machining at extremely low tolerance) projects and anything in between - hence our motto: 'Experience the perfection'.

    Niron Staal Amsterdam

  3. Damen Marine Components

    Damen Marine Components specialises in the design and production of propeller nozzles, special towing winches and rudder installations. Special designs are available for all types of vessels or can be developed. Every year more than 800 nozzles are delivered for all requested propeller diameters. Each nozzle is built to the highest technical standards and can be delivered to comply with the regulations of any or all classification societies. Rudders can be chosen from our standard line or can be produced to fulfil any specific requirements.

    Damen Marine Components

  4. Van der Velden Marine Systems

    Van der Velden Marine Systems has been a specialist in maritime manoeuvring and propulsion efficiency for fifty years and has established a leading position in the sector. Renowned for quality, safety, innovation and service, our prominent group of companies operates in the global marine market, covering the inland waterways, short sea, deep sea, offshore and yacht building sectors. Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. has a global sales organisation and offers an unrivalled 24/7 worldwide service network.

    Van der Velden Marine Systems

  5. Damen Schelde Marine Services

    Damen Schelde Marine Services (DSMS) is an independent operating company within the Damen Shipyards Group. DSMS’s main area of operations is the manufacture and supply of diesel engine parts, primarily for the merchant marine industry.

    Damen Schelde Marine Services

  6. Knud E. Hansen A/S

    KNUD E. HANSEN A/S is a leading consultancy providing a comprehensive range of design, engineering and project management services to shipyards and ship owners around the world. Our innovative, customised solutions cover areas as varied as the building and conversion of all types of maritime vessel and offshore structure, transport and logistical studies, land-sea interfaces and energy optimisation.

    Knud E. Hansen A/S

  7. Nevesbu

    Nevesbu is a naval architecture and marine engineering company involved in the design of ships, structures and installations for offshore, naval and specialist vessels. We provide a multidisciplinary package of services for the total engineering design of maritime projects such as turret integration, semi-submersibles, jack-ups, landing craft, submarines, support vessels and patrol ships.


  8. Damen Green Solutions

    With at least 60,000 vessels needing to comply with international ballast water treatment legislation in the near future, Damen Green Solutions now offers a range of cost-effective options for ship owners from retrofitting to a pioneering mobile ballast water treatment unit, which is the first of its kind in the world.

    Damen Green Solutions

  9. Damen Shiprepair & Conversion - GRE Piping

    DSC offers high-performance piping and fitting services, specifically tailored for the demanding requirements of offshore platforms and onboard marine systems.

    Damen Shiprepair & Conversion - GRE Piping