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Our facilities

The yard has two drydocks and one floating dock at its disposal. Ample crane and transport facilities up to 1,200 tonnes, plus a large number of common types of reliable, specialised subcontractors (audited by our HSEQ department) are permanently available.

  • Sonar pit: Our floating dock is equipped with a sonar pit, which enables us to accommodate vessels with retractable thrusters without raising the dock bed arrangement.
  • Ramps pier: We have the opportunity to put stern or side ramps easily on the quayside while the vessel remains alongside or in the graving dock. Therefore, we can carry out repair and maintenance work on the ramps while the ship is in the dock.

  • Workshop: The yard also has the significant advantage of a modern and well-equipped 22,000 m² workshop located in the middle of the site. With multiple gantry cranes up to 120 tonnes and all disciplines under one roof, we can transport pieces that are being worked on from one department to the next. This gives us the ability to undertake a wide range of tasks, including machining and prefabrication prior to fitting on board.
  • In-house painting department: Our painters are very experienced, including with silicon painting. In addition to the ship’s hull treatment, we also have the expertise to work on coating in tanks, names, marks design and painting, and special coating such as silicon paint.
  • Mobilisation/demobilisation: The yard is well suited to mobilisation/demobilisation activities. The yard provides ample storage facilities while specific project requirements (such as temporary structures) can be fabricated in our workshop well in advance of a vessel's arrival. The turn-around time for a vessel' mobilisation/demobilisation will be minimised by this one-stop-shop principle.


Berths Length, m Beam, m Max. draft, m Lifting capacity, t Cranes Cranage, t
Berth 1 329 10 1 50
Berth 2 320 7.5 mobile
Berth 3 220 8.5 mobile

Dry Dock

Drydocks Length, m Beam, m Max. draft, m Lifting capacity, t Cranes Cranage, t
Graving Dock 5 107 15 6.2/5.0 mobile
Graving Dock 6 310 50 9.7/7.5 1 50
Floating Dock 3 180 34.1 6.9 14000 2 12.5+12.5


Berths Length, ft Beam, ft Max. draft, ft Lifting capacity, lb Cranes Cranage, lb
Berth 1 1079.4 32.8 1 110231.0
Berth 2 1049.9 24.6 mobile
Berth 3 721.8 27.9 mobile

Dry Dock

Drydocks Length, ft Beam, ft Max. draft, ft Lifting capacity, lb Cranes Cranage, lb
Graving Dock 5 351.1 49.2 20.3 / 16.4 mobile
Graving Dock 6 1017.1 164.1 31.8 / 24.6 1 110231.0
Floating Dock 3 590.6 111.9 22.6 30864680.0 2 27557.8 + 27557.8

Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque


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Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque

Location of Headoffice

Visiting address

Port 2580 Route des Docks
Port Number: 2580
Dunkerque Cedex 1, France
Latitude: 51.034368; Longitude: 2.376776

Postal address

Port 2580 Route des Docks
Dunkerque Cedex 1

Contact details

+33 (0) 3 28 66 48 00
+33 (0) 3 28 63 90 75

Yard representative

Fabien Guillemot

Arnaud Chotard

Commercial Manager

Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque

+33 6 75 37 16 00