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'Princess Seaways'

'Princess Seaways' returns for major pipework repairs

May 2018
Ship name
'Princess Seaways'
Ship type
Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam
Tasks performed for this project
  • Annual maintenance and pipe works

'Princess Seaways' returns for major pipework repairs

Following an earlier visit in 2017, DSAm once again welcomed the 161-metre RoRo cruise ferry Princess Seaways to the yard in early 2018, this time for a longer stay. Owned and operated by Danish shipping company DFDS Seaways, the Princess Seaways spent ten days at the yard for her annual maintenance stopover plus the replacement of an extensive amount of pipework. This was achieved in the tight time frame permitted by prefabricating most of the new pipes prior to her arrival.

On reaching the yard, the Princess Seaways was docked backwards to allow the vehicle ramp to open onto the dock side. This made both the ramp itself and the interior of the ship easily accessible for all the repairs.

Regular maintenance works

These included:

  • Minor blasting and repainting of the exterior - the topsides of the hull were painted in a new dark blue livery supplied by DFDS, giving the vessel a smart, chic look. The port, ramp edges and window frames (126 of them) also received a coat of paint in the new colour.
  • Propulsion - the stern tube seals were replaced and the propeller blades polished. Following the inspection, the shaft seal inner and outer liners were machined in DSAm’s machine shop.
  • Steel repairs - a number of reinforcement plates were inserted into the bridge deck. Prior to the works, the insulation and ceiling panels in the bridge and under the bridge deck had to be removed.
  • The two main boilers and eight exhaust boilers were cleaned, and all the safety valves removed and overhauled before being reinstalled.
  • Vehicle ramp and doors – the DSAm steel workers and welders straightened the edges on the bow doors and installed flat bars before they were finally cleaned and painted in the new dark colour.

Major pipe works

The replacement of large sections of piping was a major undertaking. This included the renewal of the engine room ballast pipe. This accounted for one third of all the piping works.

Other works included the renewal of:

  • The drain pipes on decks 9 to 11
  • The drencher pipes on the car deck
  • The sanitary water pipes running above the passenger cabins
  • The sewage, air vent and grey water piping.

The freshwater tanks were also cleaned and then recoated, and one of the void spaces in the engine room was cleaned prior to a minor steel repair.

The piping department from fellow Damen company Niron Staal took the lead in the pipe works and prefabricated as much as possible in the lead up to the vessel coming to the yard. With only ten days to complete the entire project, it was uncertain whether it could all be finished on time, particularly as the tight and limited access in and around the working spaces made the works even more complicated.

The other jobs taking place in the engine room and around the tanks added another level of complexity that could only be managed by good project communications between all the parties involved.

However, the ability of the piping department to upscale on demand ensured that the required piping works were delivered on time, and to the high-quality standards expected by the client. This included unexpected steel repairs to the hull beneath the waterline, which were identified only halfway through the docking. With just five days remaining, it was decided to make an insert in the shell plating. The team removed the insulation and cropped and renewed the shell plating, leaving just enough time for the painters to do their job. The interior was finally reinstated upon completion.

Following the works, the Princess Seaways returned to her regular duties on the 15-hour Newcastle (UK) to Ijmuiden (Netherlands) route.

Superintendent Claus Byder from DFDS Seaways commented, “Based on the two dockings successfully completed in DSAm, I am very pleased with all the work carried out. All the jobs scheduled in the specification were completed in due time and even a few extra jobs were added, all with a satisfying result, especially the pipe work where DSAm managed to renew the entire ballast water pipe system in the engine room even though the initial target was approximately 50-70%. DSAm is a well operated and effective yard with skilled project managers and workers, friendly and open minded. All in all, a good experience.”


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