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'Seafox 7'

Seafox 7 – Five-year survey and maintenance works for jack-up vessel at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

April 2018
Ship name
'Seafox 7'
Ship type
Offshore Wind
Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam
Tasks performed for this project
  • Survey and Maintenance

Seafox 7 – Five-year survey and maintenance works for jack-up vessel

Following the departure of the 151-metre jack-up support vessel Seafox 5 in early 2018, its smaller colleague, the 75.5-metre Seafox 7, came into DSAm for its second 5-year special survey. With a beam of 32.2 meters, she went into dry dock number four, the largest in the yard. At 36.2 meters, the width of the dock is not much larger than that of the vessel and careful manoeuvring was required to get her safely in.

Stage one in the dry dock – inspection and riser repairs

The works began with high pressure washing of the bottom, sides and spudcans, after which one of the spudcans was removed for inspection. Two deep well water risers were also removed and transported using SPMTs to the DSAm paint shop for blasting and repainting. Specialists arranged by the owner identified the need for some repairs on one of the risers and so it was moved to the yard for repairs before its blasting and repainting. The risers were then reinstalled using the vessel’s own crane.

In addition to the projects arising from the scheduled inspection, other works took place including works on two fresh water tanks. For the first tank, an additional manhole was fitted while the vessel was in dry dock. The second tank was also fitted with a second manhole while the original one was modified, this time while Seafox 7 was in the layby berth. Following the repairs, they underwent grinding and repainting.

Stage two alongside - crane repairs

Following ten days in the dry dock, Seafox 7 was refloated and moved out to berth number one. This is particularly well-suited for main crane works, with a large storage / work area immediately next to the dock. This provides the space necessary for test and support structures. To perform and test the repairs on Seafox 7’s 270-tonne crane, ten containers were stacked one on top of the other to form the support for the main crane boom. With the boom lowered and secured the repair works could get underway. Once the boom was repaired it was repainted. To do this a temporary staging was erected inside the crane boom with a total volume of 530m³, while an additional working platform was placed beneath the boom tip to allow repairs to the swivel and the main and auxiliary blocks without moving the boom.

Overall the project went smoothly with good cooperation between the yard, the vessel’s crew and the subcontractors. DSAm’s extensive experience in working with jack-up vessels and rigs was also a significant factor.

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