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Viking River Cruises ships

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam carries out winter modifications to seven Viking River Cruises ships

March 2016
Ship name
‘Viking Idi’, ‘Viking Idun’, ‘Viking Kvasir’, ‘Viking Kara’, ‘Viking Hlin’, ‘Viking Gullveig’
Ship type
River Cruise
Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam
Tasks performed for this project
  • Modifications
  • Maintenance

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm) was tasked to carry out substantial winter service and maintenance works to six vessels owned by the Viking River Cruises fleet.

The longship ‘Viking Idi’ was the first to dock late December 2015, followed consecutively by sister ships ‘Viking Idun’, ‘Viking Kvasir’, ‘Viking Kara’, ‘Viking Hlin’ and ‘Viking Gullveig’. Each vessel spent an average of ten days at the DSAm yard.

Propeller damage

The primary scope of work for all six longships comprised stern frame modifications necessary to prevent propeller damage during turning manoeuvres in canals and other narrow waterways.

The solution the DSAm team devised was the installation of a steel construction reaching from the seawater inlet chest to the vessel’s stern. To reduce the time spent at the yard, Niron Staal Amsterdam conveniently based at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam, prefabricated the steel components in advance.

Other work carried out on the vessels consisted of cleaning and grit blasting of the hulls plus high-pressure washing and cleaning of the seawater inlet chest box coolers.

The DSAm team carried out additional maintenance work to the Schottel thruster propellers on three of the longships: ‘Viking Idi’ and ‘Viking Hlin’ had new propellers fitted and ‘Viking Gullveig’ had her propeller repaired. An additional steel repair was made to ‘Viking Hlin’s’ hull.

The anodes on all three of these longships were renewed.

Additional order

DSAm also received an additional order for the repair of a seventh vessel, ‘Viking Skadi’ whose docking took place after the completion of ‘Viking Gullveig’. This was a small docking with DSAm assisting in changing the Schottel thruster, renewing six anodes and cleaning the seawater inlet chest using high-pressure washing.

Convenient location

Amsterdam is the principal embarkation and disembarkation point for Viking River Cruises. The DSAm site, almost next to the Amsterdam cruise terminal, is the ideal location to perform routine, as well as priority, dockings for Viking’s large fleet. The proximity means that the cruise operator can benefit from minimal deviation and the associated cost savings this entails.

Many Viking River Cruises vessels have previously visited the yard for stern modifications and DSAm is pleased to continue its good relationship with the client.


“Efficient docking planning, as well as the prefabrication work, was essential,” said DSAm Project Manager Arnold Bregman. “We docked the seven vessels one after the other, undocking each completed vessel and docking the next one the same day. We stayed on schedule.”

The vessels used DSAm’s number one drydock that is perfect for river cruise vessels.


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Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen is within easy reach of the major North Sea shipping routes and in the centre of the ARA-ports with the North Sea only six miles away, which eliminates costly diversions.