Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen completes major project to reconfigure heavy transport vessel 'Blue Marlin'

Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen

  • Date: December 2016
  • Ship name: 'Blue Marlin'
  • Ship type: Semi-Submersible Heavy Transport Vessel

Type of tasks performed for this project:

  • Modifications

Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen has completed a major project to reconfigure the main deck of the semi-submersible heavy transport vessel 'Blue Marlin'. This involved the removal of the intermediate frame required to transport the 40,000 tonne Utility and Process Topside Module for the Hebron Oil Field from the Hyundai Shipyard in South Korea to the construction area at Bull Arm on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. The works also included the reinstatement of the main deck to ready it for its regular duties.

Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen is within easy reach of the major North Sea shipping routes and in the centre of the ARA-ports with the North Sea only six miles away, which eliminates costly diversions.

Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen

Getting ready for the next assignment

Earlier in 2016 the vessel had been fitted out in the Far East with 5,000 tonnes of temporary steelwork to enable it to safely transport the topside module 15,000 nm round the Cape of Good Hope and up into the Atlantic Ocean. Her mission completed, the 'Blue Marlin' then headed for Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen to restore her original flush deck configuration.

Removing 5,000 tonnes of steelwork

The project required the careful removal of the 5,000 tonnes of steelwork. This was cut into sections weighing 600 tonnes each and the Matador 3 floating crane was brought in to lift them out. Having the capability to handle such large sections reduced the number of lifts and so the time required for the 'Blue Marlin' to remain in the yard. Once the removal work was completed, the finishing touches included the fitting of some winches and a rub rail, plus some paint work.

A complex project completed in just 13 days

The entire contract was completed in just 13 days with the yard working 24 hours a day. This successful assignment once again demonstrated that Damen Shiprepair & Conversion has the facilities and skills to undertake even the most complex assignments on the largest vessels and offshore structures.

‘Blue Marlin’

The 'Blue Marlin' is owned by Dockwise Shipping, a subsidiary of Royal Boskalis Westminster NV. A semi-submersible, heavy lift ship, she is one of the largest in the world; being 217 metres in length and having a DWT of 76,000 tonnes. Projects that she has undertaken include the transport of oil rig topsides up to 60,000 tonnes in weight and a damaged USS naval destroyer.                          


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