Activities at Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam


Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam is not only a modern and fully equipped ship repair yard with dry dock facilities, it is also one of the leading companies in the Rotterdam port area for all types of port and voyage repairs. To manage just these activities Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam has an extensive fleet of floating and mobile equipment crafts as well as good trained and capable personnel.

Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam is resourced to the highest standards, with:


  • Welding barges for carrying out comprehensive steel and pipe repairs
  • Service cars with mobile welding gear and air compressors
  • Emergency port / voyage repairs carried out by flying squads
  • Repairs and maintenance work undertaken by factory-trained engineers, steelworkers and pipe fitters in port as well as during the voyage itself.

Apart from its yard and port repair activities, Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam  represents a number of leading suppliers in Western Europe. It offers parts and  services on behalf of various well-known manufacturers of main and auxiliary engines, propulsion systems, propellers and sealing arrangements, such as:

  • Caterpillar Marine Power
  • Cedervall Shaft Sealing Systems
  • Voith Schneider Propellers.

Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam offers solutions designed to match customers’ requirements, deliver excellent quality, competitive pricing and a first class service.
Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction. Our principal aim is to solve our clients’ problems in the most effective way possible.