VOS Sweet named at Oranjewerf Shiprepair Amsterdam

22 Feb 2013

Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) new Subsea Support Vessel was named at Oranjewerf, part of Damen Shipyards Group, on February 8th, 2013. The vessel called at Oranjewerf early January after a voyage from China to The Netherlands to undergo a series of modifications at the shipyard.


VOS Sweet

The new vessel is named after a Rolling Stones song. Among the various modifications Oranjewerf executed are the installation of a 24 tonnes crane and a fully equipped workplace in the aft. Further work included the positioning of an additional mast, a new High Precision Acoustic Positioning (HiPAP) sonar, a Hadex unit with UV filters (a continuous disinfectant for drinking water) and various pipe laying work. After the naming ceremony at Oranjewerf the ship is now fit for deployment as a Subsea Support Vessel.


Vroon Offshore Services

Since 45 years Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) has rendered many and varied maritime and offshore services. Having a fleet of over 100 vessels, the company can be considered as a leading player in operational areas in the North Sea, South-Europe and South-East Asia. Oranjewerf and VOS have a long standing business relationship, which ensured the successful completion of this project.


Oranjewerf Shiprepair Amsterdam

Oranjewerf Shiprepair Amsterdam is a Damen yard. As such it is one of the larger shipyards in The Netherlands. The shipyard’s core business is docking, repair, conversion and regular maintenance of vessels and floating material for the deepsea and inland navigation sectors. The shipyard does construction jobs and mechanic operational work as well.


“In fact, we are a jack of all trades. We can meet demands of our principals anyway, anytime”, Oranjewerf commercial manager Jeen van der Werf concluded.

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Strategically based in the Port of Amsterdam.

Strategically based in the Port of Amsterdam.