Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque


Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque, part of Damen Shipyards Group since 2012, is the only major ship repair yard on the north-east coast of France.


Located in Dunkirk, its shipbuilding and ship repair experience dates back to the 19th century, and its long history underpins the yard´s current level of expertise and its highly skilled workforce.


The yard is located in Dunkirk´s East Harbour, which is behind locks that ensure a constant water level and no tidal friction. Significantly, any vessel that can enter the port can be handled by Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque; our biggest dry dock has the same capacity as the largest lock. The draft restriction at the yard is around 9.50 metres.


Ample cranage and transport facilities up to 1,200 tonnes plus a large number of all the common types of specialised subcontractors are permanently available.


We look forward to maintaining your vessels, blasting your hulls, refitting your equipment, polishing your propellers and sending you out to sea again with a smile on your face.



Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque continuously improves its service levels through use of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certified management system.


The shipyard has achieved a significant milestone, achieving ISO 9001:2008 (the successor to ISO 9001:2000) certification, demonstrating customers receive consistent high quality, reliable and efficient service.


The certificate was presented by the auditor, Lloyd’s Register France, on behalf of Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised quality management system representing reliability, sustainability and trust.