Damen Shipyards Cape Town


Damen Shipyards Cape Town has its roots in the Foarocean Marine Shipyard, established in 1988 by three partners originally from the deep-sea fishing, shipbuilding and repair industries. Starting out as a closed corporation, it was converted into a private company in 1994. At the end of 2007, the shipyard’s facilities and personnel were acquired by the Damen Shipyards Group. Damen Shipyards Cape Town (Pty) Ltd. was established with a 30% shareholding held by Montsi Investments. The output of the yard is now up to ten vessels a year.


First years of partnership with Damen Shipyards

Damen Shipyards has a long history in the African market. For more than 20 years Damen worked with Farocean Marine under the Damen Technical Cooperation programme. In 1998 the first newly designed and built Damen Stan Tug 1906/2006 was launched. Many Damen designed vessels followed, all built at the shipyard in Cape Town. These include:

  • Damen Multi Cat 1908
  • 24 metre Oil Recovery Barge
  • 27 metre Damen Stan Patrol Vessel for search and rescue operations
  • Damen Mooring Vessel.


From successful partnership to merger

This partnership worked very well and when the opportunity presented itself, Damen acquired the business in December 2007. The Damen Shipyards Group has supported and invested in the local maritime industry, while at the same time creating more full-time jobs. Since the merger, a wide variety of vessels have been designed and built at the yard in Cape Town, including:

  • 47 metre Damen Inshore Patrol Vessels
  • Damen Stan Tugs type 2006
  • 45 metre Hydrographic Research Vessel
  • 32 metre Fast Passenger Ferry.


Investing heavily in modernisation

Damen Shipyards has invested heavily in the modernisation of the premises. Improvements include an expansion of the site, the installation of modern machinery and new, larger capacity overhead cranes. At the same time we have continued to build numerous vessels, increased staff numbers and enhanced the working conditions. Around half of the yard’s capacity is dedicated to building standardised Damen vessels while the other half is used for specific contracts.