Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam welcomes its first DFDS ferry

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

  • Date: February 2017
  • Ship name: 'Princess Seaways'
  • Ship type: Passenger/ Ro-Ro

Type of tasks performed for this project:

  • Maintenance

February 2017 saw the first visit of a DFDS ferry to Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm). The 'Princess Seaways’ normal route is between her homeport IJmuiden and Newcastle on the north-east coast of England, but on this occasion she fitted perfectly into DSAm’s dry-dock number four.
162 metres long and with a width of 27 metres, she can accommodate up to 1,460 travelers and 600 cars, and has a selection of restaurants, bars and shops.

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam is equipped with excellent facilities capable of meeting the highest expectations in both speed and quality.

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

Propeller modifications

The main purpose of the docking was for modifications to the twin propeller blades. All eight blades were removed from the main propeller hubs and transported to DSAm’s machine shop where they were grinded (modified) and made ready for the owner’s contracted specialist. Damen fitters provided replacement stern tube seals, for which additional machining of the liner was required. After remounting the blades, both hubs were filled with new oil supplied by the vessel.

Alongside the propeller blade modifications, another major task involved the high-pressure washing, blasting and painting of the Princess Seaways’ top deck (number 11). The deck was showing some weather tracks and these were removed by vacuum blasting, after which two coats of paint were applied by roller.

Other works

Various other works, such as the renewal of some hatch covers, doors and drain pipes, plus repairs to the inner ramp flap hinges, were performed by the owner’s subcontractors who were granted access to the yard. With some of these tasks the yard was happy to provide assistance where needed. An additional action performed by the yard involved the replacement of the pilot door seal. This required the removal of the existing seal, descaling the hatch coaming, re-painting and then the fitting of the new seal.

All the works were performed within the pre-agreed time schedule of ten days. This was based on a target of completing the repair of the propeller blades within six days, which was achieved on time. Even with some changes in specifications and additional jobs for the yard, the deadline was still met.


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