‘Fugro Symphony’ undergoes her first special survey and modifications at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

  • Date: May 2016
  • Ship name: ‘Fugro Symphony’
  • Ship type: Offshore Support Vessel

Type of tasks performed for this project:

  • Survey
  • Modifications

The 130-metre long offshore construction support vessel ‘Fugro Symphony’ underwent her first special survey at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm). 

In addition to the survey an extensive boom rest modification was carried out together with modifications on the aft mooring arrangement.

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam is equipped with excellent facilities capable of meeting the highest expectations in both speed and quality.

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

Boom rest modification

Fugro required greater cargo capacity and storage area on the main deck of ‘Fugro Symphony’ so a boom rest modification was required.

This necessitated a second foundation that reached from deck 1 to deck 2 to be installed on the forward position. The foundation was completely fabricated and then fitted on board by DSAm. To install the new foundation at deck 2, the yard had to remove, crop and replace a fire storage unit that was in way.

During the modifications, the existing boom rest was transported ashore and into the yard’s on-site steel shop, where it also received modifications.

In order to support the large McGregor crane while this work was taking place, a support structure was constructed from containers. The project involved both foundations as well as the boom rest receiving a newly modified flange.

The installation of the new foundation means that by also utilising the existing foundation, the boom rest can now be placed in two different locations by the crew depending on the vessel’s cargo/loading capacity. 


New bollards

For safety reasons Fugro wanted ‘Fugro Symphony’s’ aft mooring arrangement to have a larger support base and a larger working area so the second major task carried out by DSAm was the modification of these.

The port and starboard bollards were cropped and removed and two new larger bollards were installed. Both bollards also received additional safety railings.  


Standard survey work carried out by DSAm included the overhaul of the bow and stern thrusters and the renewal of the port and starboard lifeboat cable trays. In addition, the switchboard was cleaned, the tail shaft was overhauled, load testing was carried out to the gangways, the sea chest and anchor chains were cleaned and the rudder was overhauled. 

‘Fugro Symphony’

‘Fugro Symphony’ was built in 2011. DSAm was chosen to carry out the work as it is conveniently located close to the vessel’s working area in the North Sea. The yard has previously been used by Fugro to carry out work to vessels.


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