Oil / Chemical tanker ‘Miseno’ undergoes her first special survey

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

  • Date: January 2017
  • Ship name: 'Miseno'
  • Ship type: Chemical/ Product Tanker

Type of tasks performed for this project:

  • Steel repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Special Survey

The long-standing relationship between LGR di Navigazione and Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm) has once again delivered another successful project. The docking by the 30,000 GT oil / chemical tanker 'Miseno' follows the visit two years ago of her sister ship, the 'Posillipo', also part of the eight-strong LGR di Navigazion.

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam is equipped with excellent facilities capable of meeting the highest expectations in both speed and quality.

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

Built in 2012, 'Miseno' came to DSAm for her first special survey. During the three week period a variety of works were carried out. These were mostly surveys to check items such as tail shaft wear, rudder clearances, crane, gangway and lifeboats load testing and thickness measurements. Another part of the special survey was a series of major engine works including complete overhauls of the main engine, the diesel generator and the auxiliary boilers.


Steel repairs

Ahead of the arrival of 'Miseno' at DSAm, a yard representative travelled to the UK to assess three, much needed steel repairs while she was discharging there. This inspection helped minimise the turnaround time with the necessary materials already available at the yard on her arrival. Two out of the three steelwork jobs involved repairs to the port side of the hull, and these were class approved. The third required the repair of lifeboat deck plates, also on the port side, for which the forward and aft fender plates were cropped, and the new plates inserted and rewelded.


The paintwork of the vessel was thoroughly restored. Prior to painting, the bottom, sides and topsides were spot grit blasted, blown down and water washed. On completion a total of 13,000m² had been patched where necessary and then fully coated to the vessel’s paint specification.

Other tasks

Other standard tasks undertaken while the 'Miseno' was in dock included polishing the propeller blades, overhauling the valves, renewing the freshwater pipes, and cleaning the anchor and chains, the chain locker and the sea chest. The e-motors for the auxiliary blowers, boiler, scrubber pump and lube oil pump were also cleaned and serviced.


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